Thursday, March 31, 2011

Im going insane.. (x____x)

I t0ld the w0rld 0ne day i w0uld pay it back.. say it 0n tape & lay it, rec0rd it, s0 that 0ne day i c0uld play it back.. but i d0nt even kn0w if i believe it when im saying that.. Doubt startin' to creep in, everyday its juz s0 grey & black.. HOPE i juz need ray of that c0z n0 0ne sees my visi0n.. when i play it f0r them, they juz say its wack !

But they d0nt know what dope is & i d0nt kn0w if i was awake 0r sleep when i wr0te this.. all i kn0w is u came t0 me when i was at my l0west.. U picked me up , breathed new life in me & i owed my life t0 u.. bef0re the life 0f me, i dont see why u d0nt see like i d0..  but it juz dawned 0n me ! see the light..?? n0 its DAMN DARK !

Let me turn 0n the light, brighten me & enlighten u.. i d0nt think u realize what u mean t0 me, n0t the slightest clue.. c0z me & u we're like a crew, i was like u sidekick !.. u g0nna either wanna fight when i get off this fucking thing !.. 0r u g0nna hug me..?? but im 0ut 0f 0pti0ns, theres n0thing else i can d0 !!!!

IM ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND U KN0W !!.. u've been g0ne f0r long.. im running 0ut 0f time ! i need a d0ctor ! s0mebody plzz call me a doct0r ..?!! i need a DOCT0R !! DOCT0R !! ... TO BRING ME BACK TO LIFE !!... ARRGGGHHHHHHH !!!!! DAMN u r happy with ur life n0w, but me..??!!!  u make my life suffer damn fuck SHIT ! wait F0R THE REVENGE !! .... im coming baby... AHAHAHA ! (x_____x)

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